Neil Weinberg
L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.( NCCAOM )
Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine


You have given me my life back ! After over 2 years on medications that made me feel horrible and unable to drive safely, I can now move my neck freely and function without those pain pills. I wish that I had discovered you sooner !

Thank you.

Barbara M., Ithaca


My periods which were previously so painful that I had to spend one or two days in bed are now manageable. I don’t dread them every month now and don’t have to miss work.

Karen T., Trumansburg


After trying IVF and IUI procedures for over 2 years I decided to try acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help with my fertility. The treatment finally worked and I have a healthy baby boy!

Thank you so much!

Melanie S., Elmira


My golf game was great this year thanks to your treatment. My elbow stopped hurting after the 4th treatment and has not come back all season.

Frank L., Danby


Migraine headaches had been ruining my life for more than 10 years occurring at least 4 times a week. Now, with regular acupuncture treatment they rarely occur and when they do they are much more manageable.

Tom R., Freeville


Acupuncture was my last resort for what had become a chronic low back and leg problem. Like many other people I had tried other treatment modalities including medication, physical therapy, cortisone injections and chiropracty with minimal long-term relief. Although I was reasonably fit, with a regimen of swimming gentle yoga and walking, my pain continued to worsen and seriously limit my daily activities and interfere with my sleep. My orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery since other treatments had failed to give me relief…

When I arrived for my first treatment I recall telling you that I had no or low expectations that acupuncture would be helpful. Fortunately for me, I was 100% wrong. By mid- June of this year, I was pain free and that has continued to be the case up to the present time. Not to be overly dramatic, but I do feel that I have my life back for the first time in over five years.

I was even able to try some kayaking this summer and have resumed all of my other activities as well. So thanks again. I have recommended your services to my family physician as well as to friends. I consider my acupuncture treatments to be my best Christmas present ever!

– E.P. Vestal, NY


OMG! I came to see you because every autumn for many years, I would get sick and need to go on antibiotics for sinus and respiratory tract infections. This was really annoying and interfered with my quality of life. Now that doesn’t happen anymore! For the past two years, after getting regular acupuncture care and using your “magic herbs ” I haven’t gotten sick at all. I am so very thankful! By the way, I always leave the office feeling great- relaxed, centered and calm and that feeling can last for days!

Megan L., Ithaca, NY

"I have been to several acupuncturists, in Ithaca and in California, and Neil is the best ! His gentle treatments have given me back my life and I feel great once again. I only wish that I had discovered him sooner ! "

Jennifer B. Vestal, NY
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